The Universal Artist

“ It’s been a long time coming but I am thrilled to announce that this august I hit Nashville with my producer and co writer Cliff Downs (formally from Atlantic Records, under the direct tutelage of Ahmet Ertergun the sitting President of Atlantic records at that time) to sit and pen a few songs with David Pack of Ambrosia and Mick Jones of Foreigner.   Cliff was in NYC last night at the Hilton in midtown NYC and if cliff didn’t pick up the phone and introduce me to them on the spot … we all spoke for a few minutes .. it was a great moment and sadly I don’t video or tape those moments because I like to remember in my heart and mind and be present. Wow,I get to write a couple tunes with 2 of, not only the greatest pop soul hit feel good writers I was raised on, but my teen idols). We talked about getting Peter … yes Frampton but he is not doing very well physically and it might not happen… but who ever knows in the world of Peter Shaw.. because this is what I call SHAW LUCK !!! I’m beyond thrilled. Cliff had become a father figure to me in many ways and he went as far as even gave me one of his 11 Emmy’s as a gift for our friendship.  I’m beyond … this is what I call stellar F’n news!!  STAY TUNED !!”

Peter Shaw

I can wait for Heaven single By Peter Shaw Featured writer Nico Vigliotti